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nutraMetrix® What is it?

As a nutraMetrix® Consultant I work closely with health professionals to implement Customized Wellness Programs that align with the mission and vision of each clinic.

I offer Advanced Nutraceuticals, many with the superior Isotonix® Delivery system, to support the needs of the patients while bringing in a substantial ancillary cash-based revenue to the practice. When patients are encouraged to follow a wellness lifestyle, their overall healthcare costs are reduced while their quality of life increases.

Why nutraMetrix®?

Health professionals today report several factors that are contributing to new economic challenges:

  • Rising business and drug costs
  • Shrinking insurance reimbursements
  • Changing regulations

More and more health professionals are facing economic challenges, as reported in major newspapers and magazines:

What Can You Do As A Health Practitioner?

More and more practices are offering ancillary services which enables them to earn as much as 15% or more in cash-based revenue. Most patients understand the need for proper supplementation and they are already buying it – but they are not sure if what they are taking is the best quality. Many of the most popular brands contain unhealthy chemical dyes, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, fillers and binding agents.

nutraMetrix® – What We Offer

  • Lead the industry in cutting-edge ingredients
  • Provide comprehensive & synergistic formulations
  • Products based on sound science
  • Exceptional quality control
  • Isotonic-capable nutrition: providing a superior delivery system
  • Customizable products
  • Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis – testing 48 genetic variations. Test, don’t guess!
  • TLS® Weight Loss Solution, based on low glycemic impact, based on science
  • Full support and implementation from your nutraMetrix® Professional Consultant
  • Ongoing education for health professionals and staff

Contact Me Today To:

  • Get your questions answered
  • Try some products
  • Customize a wellness plan to suit your unique office needs
  • Evaluate the program to see if nutraMetrix® is a fit for you and your practice

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